The Falcon


The Falcon is a 180 Ah battery that weighs approx.14Kg into which you can install a Flashback 4. This will allow you to run your own Flashback 4 off the internal battery. The FB4 cameras can be connected to the outside of the case. The communication antennas are connected to the outside of the case and within the case lid. Alternatively you can exchange FB4 for a modem and connect the IP cameras onto the outside the case. The unit also provides the 48 volts required to operate the modem.


The Falcon can be supplied as different versions :-


1. The Falcon FB4 is supplied as Flashback 4 ready in that the customer uses their existing/owned FB4 and their own cameras to connect and work with the Falcon.


2. The Falcon is supplied as Modem ready in that the customer uses their existing/owned modem and their own cameras to connect and work with the Falcon.


3. The Falcon FB4 Dual unit is supplied FB4 and IP Camera ready. The customer can install their own FB4 and cameras or they can use their own modem/ IP cameras. All the cables, plugs and sockets are in-situ to use with either FB4 or IP.  


4. The Falcon FB4-New is supplied complete with a new FB4 and cameras.


5. The Falcon IP-New can be supplied with New Modem and IP cameras.  


6. The Falcon FB4 Dual New is as per 2 above but comes complete with new FB4 and modem.


7. Special is supplied with a customer specified DVR and Modem type. Subject to precise DVR & Modem Specification.

  • The Falcon unit is a 180Ah Lithium Ion battery fitted into a Pelican IP67 type 1430 case
  • Fire suppression module
  • Military Amphenol type connectors
  • An advanced communication module - The Angel which allows you to remotely turn off/on the Falcon as well as the following features: Low-Battery Warning. GPS Position. Geo Fencing.
  • An advance Voltage reader in that you can see visually % of battery energy left in the battery, length of time before battery is exhausted at the current burn rate.
  • Flexi capability in that the unit can be joined with other batteries to share safely the combine Ah capacity


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