The Dart

Code: DART

The Dart is a small weatherproof Peli cased DVR that uses high definition analogue cameras and is available with low cost software that can operate from a smart phone.


The Dart is economically priced and is available for testing and reviewing. At this time there are severe restrictions on budgets for equipment. Despite this companies are offering large, very expensive IP cameras and recording systems with strict controls over the software to operate them.Enigma believes there are a number of alternatives, including high definition analogue systems that can use specific HD cameras and/ or existing analogue cameras.

  • The system comes with H264 compression with a quality performance of 720P.
  • The Dart can have from 2 - 4 cameras plugged in and recording at any one time.
  • The recordings are made on 2 x SD cards with a capacity of 96 hours (based on 2 camera input.)
  • You can remotely interrogate the recordings using a mobile phone, allowing you to view the images live, so you can react to operational circumstances, then recover the SD card later to view the footage in high definition.
  • Excellent remote continuous video viewing with minimal latency that gives very good pictures via your smart phone.
  • The system is offered at an economical price and is simple to use.
  • The system can operate from the mains and/or with a custom-made battery or with your existing batteries. Compatible with all Enigma batteries.
  • Operated with a dedicated web site or you can operate through your own web site.
  • Waterproof Peli case 1200.
  • Operates with GPS/BD/G-sensor module /3G/4G.
Size (mm)
IP waterproof rating
IP67 when mated


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