Enigma Battery Charging & Storage Stations (BCS)

Code: BCS

The Enigma BCS Stations meet the recommendations laid out by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) for the storing and charging of any battery chemistry from lead acid to the most advanced lithium batteries. A full site visit would be required to assess the suitability of the proposed location and to quote for the work required for fitting.


Can contain a fire up to 600ºc

The cabinets are designed with automatic fire suppression systems that are activated when a fire or smoke is detected

The cabinets are equipped with a built in automatic ventilation system in line with HSE guidelines.  This is vented to outside the building

The BCS Cabinet is protected in such a way that paper 1 metre away on the outside of the station will not ignite even if the temperature inside the Cabinet is 800ºc

  • Option for flashing or audio alarm in the event of a fire and also an alarm to a mobile phone via an app if required
  • Outdoor version is available if required


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